Lancs v Worcs Day 5

Another rain affected day in which WCCC made little inroads into the Lancashire batting, but the hosts also showed a lack of urgency in trying to surpass the Pears total and set us a tricky declaration. Horton and Proctor took their opening stand to 97 before Russell dismissed Proctor. Horton looked set to continue to make a big score before a farcical mix up saw him run out by Neil Pinner. Brown followed soon after – Big Als first wicket of the season. Lancashires overseas  and Kolpak players Prince and Katich then ground the score up to 250 at the close .

Considering Lancs won the toss, we had injury problems in the warm up and the hosts are hot favourites to win the League they will have to show a lot more inventiveness if they are going to manoeuvre into a position where the can bowl sides out twice. Especially with the return of the dreaded heavy roller. With WCCC being notoriously slow starters we would quite happily walk away with a draw from this and with the sun shining this morning there is no reason why we shouldn’t.



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